Finding loans just got better.

Synergizing borrowers and lenders on the most competitive loan marketplace.

How does it work?

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Customize loan terms.

First, tailor the terms and condition of your loan and then publish your proposal to the Calypso Marketplace.

Receive offers within 48 hours.

After publishing your loan proposal, lenders submit offers to you directly! Calypso increases your chances of finding the best loan terms by making each offer transparent so that lenders compete against one another for your business.

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Choose the best offer.

You know best! Choose the offer that meets your needs.

So, how much does all this cost anyway?



  • Unlimited Asks
  • Receive offers within 48 hours
  • Detailed loan personalization
  • Direct communication
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  • Advanced Search
  • Unlimited Offers
  • Personalized Data Analytics
  • Direct communication
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